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Seasons EP

Seasons EP

Seasons EP

Release Date: 25/06/2018 00:00:00
Label: Progressive House Worldwide
Catalog: PHW320

Release Notes:
From time to time we are being able to bring back some long time servers on our PHW division and we certainly are doing it for this week as we see a true melodic progressive artist making his return on the label. With a string of releases through our main label, we definitely feel it was about time to see the amazing talent of Lesh makes another entrance through us. It’s always with a smile on our face seeing him send us demos, as we tend to always fall for what e sends us. Well, we can’t say less than that we have done that once again as he returns with a sun-drenched 4 track EP, oozing melodic hooks everywhere. This one is baptized as “Seasons” and is a full on story from him.

First out we see a clever little gem named as “Winter Moon” and flies of with a mesmerizing warm feel where we see a full on progressive journey, packed with vibe, mood and warm elements so nicely squeezed in to a magic ride.

After that, we move ahead to another season, this named as “Spring Dawn” and just as we often see in ourselves when the season change, this takes a more upbeat direction including rich and warm melodic hooks that etches from start to finish. It’s another classy Lesh production that he spoilt us with over the years.

Moving ahead to the summer season, we see the third production on this 4-tracker. “Summer Glow” is what it says in the title, a oozing number of solid melodic progressive music, definitely written “Lesh-stylish”. It’s a true devotion to sun-drenched beaches, sunny days on the beach with all what that means. We let the music speak for itself, but if laidback melodic progressive is your thing, well then you won’t be disappointed, that we guarantee.

Last out, we see a new season take advantage through another melodic ride, named as “Autumn Mist” where he collaborated with vocalist Linda Newman who definitely flavours the release through angelic voice and adds a dimension through the vocal additions. It’s as good as it gets, and we are super thrilled to see Lesh return on the label. Brilliant as always!


June 25th, 2018

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