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Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Release Date: 24/01/2019 00:00:00
Label: Emergent Shores
Catalog: ESH126

Release Notes:
We are very excited to bring you a new track from two of our most coveted artists: Lesh and Lumidelic.
These guys have a wealth of top quality releases behind them (as any fan of Progressive House will know), but to get them collaborating on a track together is something very special and it certainly delivers all the melodic progressive goodness you would expect from these wonderful artists.

As if having two of Progressive House’s brightest stars on one release wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got two more! Remixes are provided by Ryan Z, with his trademark smooth, deep vibes; and Bee Hunter, who has produced an 80’s inspired beauty.

This is Lesh and Lumidelic (with Ryan Z and Bee Hunter) and their incredible “Crystal Cave”


January 24th, 2019

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