The Story So Far (Lesh Remix)

The Story So Far (Lesh Remix)
Andrew Lang
The Story So Far (Lesh Remix)
01 January 1970
The Story So Far (Lesh Remix)
01 January 1970 | Progressive House

The Story So Far (Lesh Remix)

Release Date: 19/10/2017
Label: Emergent Shores
Catalog: ESH060

Release Notes:
Marking our 60th release here on Emergent Shores, we are truly proud to finally bring you the fully remixed ‘Visions LP’ from stand out Emergent Music veteran Andrew Lang.

Having been a true name stay at Emergent Music, as well as our lead audio engineer for our 3 imprints, we were more than honored to showcase Andrew’s masterful collection of original productions last year here at Emergent Shores. Now, we are equally as excited to bring you that same album, this time remixed by 10 standout Emergent Artists which includes the likes of: South Pole, Sedi, Roman Prus, Makaseo, Lesh, Jettan, Ryan Z, Jeef B, Zuubi and Cairn, all of which delivered some truly stand-out remixes that brought a whole plethora of variation to an already varied album to begin with.

Making this our first fully remixed artist album to date, we are proud to bring you Andrew Lang’s opulent ‘Visions LP [The Remixes]’.