Telepathy (Lesh Remix)

Telepathy (Lesh Remix)
Telepathy (Lesh Remix)
01 January 1970
Telepathy (Lesh Remix)
01 January 1970 | Progressive House

Telepathy (Lesh Remix)

Release Date: 24/10/2016
Label: Progressive House Worldwide
Catalog: PHW241

Release Notes:
This week we are heading of to Norway to bring back an artist act that we have seen with us for a couple of times the past months, and we are as happy as ever to be able to bring on the sounds of Visionate one more time through PHW.

This time, they are on with their original, named as “Telepathy”, a dreamy and melodic progressive production made to perfection. It contains the great blend of harmonies and drive, just the way we want it to sound on the label. This is another tickling production from our great buddies Kent and Akki.

On remix duty, we see a new entrance walking through the doors of PHW, and we are truly honored to see the alias of Inner Peace taking their first steps together with us. As we have seen through their productions through Alter Ego in the past, we see them add some quirky bass lines, making use of the included vocal add as well building their own textures and add their vision through the breakdown. It’s a lovely way to make it sound there, with their “cross cooked style” of progressive and dubstep. We absolutely love this magic piece of music!

On the second remix, we see a delightful return from the one and only Lesh. He’s been with us many times and feel like a true regular on the label. He’s rebuilt the groove on the track, added on some more vocal to the original way of thinking the track and the outcome is as sweet as ever from him. Smooth textures and pads is working it’s way oin and out of the track, to create the “Lesh feel” that we truly enjoy having on the label as often as possible.

Let’s hope you feel this is something that you would want to contribute a small amount for, and help these creative minds evolve even more with their music being supportive and buy yourself a legal copy.