Sligo To Galway (Lesh Remix)

Sligo To Galway (Lesh Remix)
Alex H
Sligo To Galway (Lesh Remix)
01 January 1970
Sligo To Galway (Lesh Remix)
01 January 1970 | Progressive House

Sligo To Galway (Lesh Remix)

Release Date: 21/11/2017
Label: Midnight Coast
Catalog: MCG1011

Release Notes:
Midnight Coast welcomes progressive legends Alex H & Keith Harris who teams up for a luxurious treat for melodic lovers around the world. This time these adroit producers showcase their firepower with “Sligo to Galway” EP packed with extravagant remixes from Lesh who hails from UK, Slovakian duo Mark & Lukas, ORSA (US) alongside Ryo Nakamura based in Japan who both debut on the label. Alex H hails from Newcastle, UK is known for winsome melodic signatures and gleeful emotive house which he continues to evolve whereas Irish Keith Harris swiftly enforced his virtues to make significant ripples around the globe. They both have seen massive supports from Roger Shah, Tydi, Myon & Shane 54, Boom Jinx, & Tom Fall and have plethora of their releases released through PHW, Heath Mill Recordings, Anjunabeats, Sunset Melodies, Pineapple Digital to name a few. We feel proud to exhibit these maestros through our roster as they keep on changing world’s perception through their marvelous tunes.

The original mix unveils a classic drumcode with crispy hihats mingled with percussions ushering a captivating guitar pluck line which ramps up positive energy as it blends with the deep bassline. The breakdown swirls high pads with phenomenal synth which paves way for a zestful launch of lead melody which churns out the endgame. Perfect melody from Alex H & Keith Harris indeed!

Lesh returns to Midnight Coast with a gleaming interpretation of the original with kick based groove and fine percussions as the arrangement fills up with the rhythmic sequences, swirling pads and multi-layered sublime bassline. The break features sensational plucks and lush pads alongside piano keys imposing a brighter side as the original lead is launched in full swing. Not to be missed for sure!

Next up are returning artist duo Mark & Lukas who projects well-crafted drumset and shuffling hihats flowing flawlessly with bassline and vigorous plucks. The track dives deep as the recursive arp gradually progresses approaching the break where a calm and serene environment awaits featuring deep pads alongside genius pluck stabs which sets free original lead and catapults in full throttle. Perfect for you radio set!

ORSA debuts on the label with unique drumcode intuiting a pacific version which is exhilarating in every sense as percussions melts into the groove alongside deep pads & ravishing melody. The filtered piano keys sets up base for an intoxicating breakdown as a resonating lead arises and mollifies ambiance of perfect sunset in the air. A mesmerizing one for beachside sets.

Ryo Nakamura also debuts on label with mind-blowing version which is an avant-garde that concocts a succulent kick based groove that further plunges in the airscape. An epic arp rises and evolves with male voxes alongside an ardor filled bassline. The breakdown is full of tender pads and introduces one homeric piquancy lead which makes you joyous in an instant amplifying buoyant. One of the best remix works of Ryo Indeed!