08 May 2019
08 May 2019 | Melodic Progressive


Release Date: 05/08/2019 00:00:00
Label: Pineapple Digital
Catalog: PD5A4

Release Notes:
Lastly in our Special 5th Year Anniversary releases, we’ve got Part 4. Curated by our label director, Dave
Pineda. Just in time for the summer.

Ametrine – Eternal Virtuoso
Smooth, mellow, and driving, are all divine ways to begin Part 4. Ametrine has done just that with our first track “Eternal Virtuoso”. Pleasant, chill, a great warm up track perfect for what we have in store for you.

Beta5 – Dusty Road
Beta5’s “Dusty Road” is a dope track that employs the use of an almost 2 step drum beat. Chill ambient noise blankets the dark and ominous bits in this liberating timeless piece.

Gux Jimenez and Michel Lomar – Nocturnismo
Gux Jiminez and Michel Lomar come together to create a masterful dance track titled “Nocturnismo”. Hold on cuz this bouncy groover is going to take you places.

Jochan Morrisen – Matitt
Cooling square waves sines touch upon your senses as the chord progression develops into a high energy dancer. A complimentary dance music classic combo of blaring synths and ripping basslines in Jochan Morrisen’s “Matitt” is just the remedy of a hypochondriac’s dreams.

Joe Schaeffer – Valhalla
Gorgeous sounding fluttery chords fade in over industrial, warehouse-style percussion. Joe Schaeffer impresses with choice select instruments. “Valhalla” is so aptly named. An epic piece worthy of a title. Heavy bass frequencies will melt your soul while the synths and arpeggios hijack your existence and listening will lead to rapture.

Lesh – Shimamoto
“Shimamoto” is an exemplary example of progressive house, containing everything we love about progressive music. Lesh exploits acoustic guitar with Japanese vocals in a serene addition to Pineapple Digital’s Part 4. This is what we live for.

Martin Graff – Find Me
Pleased we are with the roster of talent for Part 4, joining us for “Find Me” is Martin Graff in this titillating over the top progressive dance floor groover, sure to set the dance floor ablaze.

myni8hte – Night Search
myni8hte joins us in set as beautiful notes of melancholy fill the space, and with a conclusion of hope, as if to aurally define so much of our lives. “Night Search” is an easily relatable name to an appropriately composed track.

Solarbeam – Magenta
Vocal samples channeling from another dimension pepper the dramatic build up in Solarbeam’s “Magenta”, as we build up with exquisite trancey synths and plucks. A piece sure to cleanse the senses and keep the night on fire.

Voiceless (DE) – Yoru
In “Yoru” we find nostalgia driven to the space between us. Voiceless (DE) is known all to well for impeccable and unique pieces, and this one doesn’t disappoint.