DreamTime Episode #083

DreamTime Episode #083
DreamTime Episode #083
11 November 2020
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DreamTime Episode #083
11 November 2020 | Melodic Progressive

Episode 83 of Lesh’s DreamTime podcast, with top tunes from A.M.R., Mark & Lukas, Dan Norvan, Clarks, Lesh, Yusuke Teranishi, Arentis, MaxLoop, DTALM, Z8phyR, Airdeep X Soundliner, and Discognition.

01. A.M.R. – Pale Blue (Andromedha Extended Remix) [Silk Music]
02. Mark & Lukas – Tomorrow Never Comes (Original mix) [Synth Collective]
03. Dan Norvan – Hidalgo (Extended Mix) [Emergent Shores]
04. Clarks – Pianemo (Original Mix) [Emergent Shores]
05. Lesh – Daybreak (Original Mix) [Emergent Shores]
06. Yusuke Teranishi – I Miss You (Original Mix) [Minded Music]
07. Arentis – Summer Story (Lesh Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
08. MaxLoop – South Pacific (Original Mix) [Summer Melody]
09. DTALM – Mauro (Skyhunter Remix) [Melodios Music]
10. Z8phyR – Crystal Drops of Blue (Lumidelic Remix) [Cool Breeze]
11. Airdeep X Soundliner – Summerfish (Mark & Lukas Remix) [Emergent Shores]
12. Discognition – All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go (Original Mix) [Emergent Textures]


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