DreamTime Episode #073

DreamTime Episode #073
DreamTime Episode #073
08 January 2020
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DreamTime Episode #073
08 January 2020 | Melodic Progressive

Episode 73 of Lesh’s DreamTime podcast, with top tunes from Sunset Moments, Altreal, Eimear, Ledo, Kelz, Lumidelic, Solarbeam, Sunsetter, Keith Harris, Nerutto, Alex H, and Lesh.

01. Sunset Moments – Fall Apart (Lumidelic Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
02. Altreal – One Moment (Original Mix) [Emergent Textures]
03. Eimear – Breathe (Skua Remix) [Synth Collective]
04. Ledo – Under The Skin (Original Mix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
05. Kelz – Out Of The Gloom (Lounge Mix) [Emergent Textures]
06. Lumidelic – Endless Road (Original Mix) [Emergent Shores]
07. Solarbeam – Moorea (Emro Remix) [Soluna Music]
08. Sunsetter – Above (Original Mix) [Summer Melody]
09. Keith Harris – The Marquee (Original Mix) [Soluna Music]
10. Nerutto – Instant Moment (Original Mix) [Inception]
11. Alex H – Til I See You Again (Original Mix) [Synth Collective]
12. Lesh – Higher Self (Original Mix) [Emergent Shores]


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