Deeper Conscience (Original Mix)

Deeper Conscience (Original Mix)
Deeper Conscience (Original Mix)
01 January 1970
Deeper Conscience (Original Mix)
01 January 1970 | Progressive House

Deeper Conscience (Original Mix)

Release Date: 16/03/2020 00:00:00
Label: Progressive House Worldwide
Catalog: PHW386

Release Notes:
A long time friend of our Progressive House Worldwide label makes a welcome return as Lesh delivers the quality this week. Known for his undoubtedly talent to write melodic hooks and get arrangements together, he returns with another 2 productions (coming in different versions as well) once more proves that he’s the Iberian man of melodies to always take in to count.

First out comes the melody driven progressive journey “Beautiful Mistake” that contains all the right elements to send a melodic progressive listener on a full on journey. Superb melodic layers with a feel good vibe is right there for you, getting along from start to finish. It’s as happy and uplifting as it gets.

To place even more feel good vibes, “Deeper Conscience” adds more vibrant progressive melodies to your mind. It’s another well crafted production, packed with smooth melodic layers and tasty vocal additions to secure another melodic journey not to be missed out on.

You will also have a deeper edge on both originals to bring even more diversity to the test, we are as happy as ever to see lesh back on the label and it is another proud moment for us!