A Different Story

A Different Story
A Different Story
01 January 1970
A Different Story
01 January 1970 | Progressive House

A Different Story

Release Date: 27/05/2019 00:00:00
Label: Progressive House Worldwide
Catalog: PHW354
Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/a-different-story/2592200

Release Notes:
Man of melodies, Lesh returns once again to the PHW imprint, this time with another sun drenched progressive production, named as “A Different Story”. For those of you that been following him over the years through us and other labels as well, surely knows that you are in for another treat. Melodic harmonies and that uplifting vibe that he’s spoilt us with over the years is surely back and we are as delighted as always to see him back in the family. Be ready for a treat, oozing summer time in full bloom!

On remix duty, we see another return on the label as the Slovakian brothers behind Mark and Lukas join back on the label. With their high profile progressive feels, they surely is to take you on another journey. This has both the edge and energy, cleverly built through melodic hooks that makes you walk sunny beaches in mind. We are as thrilled as ever to bring them back once again.

Last but surely not least, we see India based producer Dextrose take further steps on the label. He is one of our most frequent artists on our roster these past years. This is another fine example why we always make him return on the label. With his distinct funky vibe, uplifting mode and melodic arrangements, he’s once again proven his skills with a production not to miss out on.

Thanks for joining again guys, it’s another proud moment on our PHW division!